Heroes of the Vale


Performed guard duty escorting dwarf merchant Traevus to Hammerfast and back to Fallcrest.

Mysterious dark rider led a group of goblins in attacking the group. Traevus was injured in the attack. Returned to Fallcrest to tend to Traevus. Traevus demanded the group seek out the rider and recover a box that was stolen in the attack.

Following the trail of the goblins, the group found an underground Minotaur temple. They found the goblins along with kobolds and a young white dragon. They negotiated from the dragon to seek out the dark rider Malareth and secure his treasure for the dragon.

Traveling further within the complex, they fought more goblins, overcame a magical chess trap and fought rogue guardsmen led by a shape shifter named Jinxin. Reid also found a message etched into the wall in dwarven, warning of madness and a fallen companion named Morgana.

The group rested and then forged onward to Malareth’s lair, fighting the necromancer and his flesh golem. Among the necromancers papers was darkleaf leather armor, a bag of holding, papers mentioning Orcus and a Necromancer of the Witchlight Fens and a golden skull.

Leaving the lair, the party was able incite a rebellion against the dragon, with a friendly zombie controlled by Jose distracting the dragon long enough for them to escape.


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